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Hi, I’m Jess Green, the founder & editor of Gaming By Proxy.


All my life, I’ve always hung out around gamers but never been much of one myself.


Sure, I get obsessed with the odd game, past addictions have included The Urbz, Undertale and Skyrim, but months can go by where I don’t touch a game at all.  

But, with that said, barely a single DAY goes by where I don’t have discussions about games. And I’m not just humouring my friends, I’m engaging in discussions, seeking out the latest debates in gaming, and always eager to listen to my favourite gaming podcast (Filthy Casuals ftw).

So here I am, coming out of the closet- mum, dad… I have a bad case of ‘Gaming By Proxy’.

I wanted to create a place where we could celebrate all the things that made games appealing to all different types of people- not just the typical publications that cover all things current and mainstream. Though we will do that too, I’m not going to go out of my way to seem edgy, I’m really not that cool.


So, gamer or not- chill out, enjoy some fun and thoughtful features about games past, present and future, and catch up on the latest news. If you like it, sign up for the monthly newsletter- go on, it’ll give me the warm and fuzzies.

If you're browsing the site, but thinking… this site is great but it could really do with an analysis of the sub-text of ‘Doko-Doki Literature Club’, then check out our ‘Write For Us’ page and submit your piece- anything you’ve got to say about gaming- we want to hear about it.


I didn’t want this to be a site where I just write my own opinions- I wanted it to be a discussion, a community. Which sounds nice and altruistic, right? Until you realise, I just need validation that there are others like me out there. Just kidding (not really).

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