Building a New Kind of Pokédex with Julia from @Pokeeyes

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Who'd have thought 20 years after its original release, we'd be getting the first Pokémon live-action movie?! To celebrate the release of Detective Pikachu, and the Pokémon universe coming to life before our eyes, we talk to Julia, who brings Pokémon to life on her eyes!

Only Pokemon could make an entire generation covet what was essentially an encyclopedia... In fact, the Pokédex was so in demand by fans that Tiger Electronics came out with the first 'real' version in 1998. Since then, the Pokédex has been paid tribute in many forms, with all of its information collated into websites, books and apps. However, Julia, a 20 year old from Germany, is the most creative we've seen yet, creating Pokémon inspired makeup looks, and uploading the respective Pokédex entries to the dedicated Instagram account @Pokeeyes. Professor Oak would be proud...

Where did you learn your makeup skills?

I have been doing make up since I was 13 years old. I was actually the very first person in my school class to wear makeup. This was only focused on an eyeliner wing, mascara and a way too dark black on my waterline(!), but I was having a lot of fun putting these things into my face. After all these years, a lot new things came into my life, like eyebrows (I know.. fancy), foundation, concealer and of course eye-shadow. Because all those things came separately into my repertoire, I had a lot of time to teach myself how to use each of them properly. On the other hand I've always been fascinated by YouTubers who create so many breathtaking looks, that I just started to recreate them. To sum up, it was a long practising progress with many mistakes, haha. :D

Why did you decide to focus on Pokémon?

I am a combination of a makeup lover and a geek. I have a big heart for a lot of fandoms and Pokémon especially, as it was one of the very first things I loved. In 2nd grade, there was this boy I had secretly a crush on and he traded Pokémon cards with his friends. I got interested in it and he gave me his pidgey card. He was very fast out of my mind but my love for Pokémon stayed. Later I got the Pokémon Diamond edition for my Nintendo DS for Christmas and the fandom got me forever, haha. Last month, I experimented with a new makeup palette and my Snorlax plushie was sat on my bed and I just decided that I wanted to combine my 'geekiness' with my passion for makeup. Because of the Pokédex being so big now, I knew, that I will not have any problems to find inspiration for future looks.

How do you find being part of both the makeup and the gaming community? Are the two very different?

On the one hand, they seem very different. Many typical 'beauty people' do not seem to have any contact with fandoms like Pokémon. But on the other hand, I think that there are a lot of geeks like me, celebrating their favourite fandoms and doing makeup- even if it's not a combination of it. Although, there are also a lot of cosplayers out there who do exact the same thing as me. I really enjoy being part of both communities and maybe also being a transmitter for both sides to get to know each other. Like Hannah Montana once said: "You get the best of both worlds."

What’s your creative process?

When I start a Pokémon look, which might be more complicated, I am spending a lot of time looking at the picture of this Pokémon and creating a picture in my mind of how the look could turn out. But sometimes I am just starting and letting the colours do the rest. Mostly it's a work in progress.

Your Pokémon looks are very colourful and technical, what are your go-to tools or products for creating them?

My go-to products are definitely colourful eyeshadow palettes. I don't use body paint because until now, I want to show people that it is possible to do these looks without professional body paint. The palettes I am always using are the Beauty Bay 'EYN Bright Matte', the BH – 'Take me back to Brazil' and the Revolution Reloaded 'Marvellous Mattes' palettes.

Do you ever rock Pokémon makeup looks in public? (If so, what’s the reaction been like?)

I did once because I did the shoot for Charmander and afterwards I wanted to have dinner with two friends of mine. I had no time to remove my makeup and create a new, more basic look, so I just decided to just remove the flame and rock the bright orange I used for Charmander.

My friends know about my makeup passion, so they weren't really wondering, haha :D

Have you got any other creative projects on the go currently or planned for the future, makeup or otherwise?

Until now I want to focus on my Pokémon site and build up a cool Pokeeyes community. Despite this, I am still working on my cosplays. Besides Pokémon, I am a big Disney fan and three very cool Disney characters are waiting for their release on my main page (@julexju)

What’s your daily style?

My daily style is more casual and comfortable, not really expressive. My daily makeup still focuses on eyeliner, mascara and eyebrows (the eyebrows replaced the black on my waterline ;) ). But when I go to parties or other events I am not too shy to wear a lot of colour on my eyes.

Who’s your makeup inspiration?

My biggest makeup inspiration is Ally (@Alycia Marie on YouTube / @alyciamarie on Instagram). She creates a lot of beauty makeup looks and also many „geek“-looks, especially in October (her so called 'spooktober'). Her fun and passion with makeup is such an inspiration and her happiness about experimenting with makeup was a reason for me to try it as well.

Any other gaming makeup accounts we should be following?

Not directly accounts who are focusing only on Gaming and makeup but as I said @alyciamarie does a lot of it and also @staceygarrod has a lot of talent in makeup looks and in painting Pokémon on her face. ^^

Quickfire Round!

Favourite Pokémon? → Evoli and Vulpix ( I cannot decide)

Favourite Pokémon game? → I started with diamond and played the others later, so it will always be diamond for me!

Pick your starter?! → Piplup (it was my very, very first starter, so I am very emotional about this ^^)

Pokémon GO level? → I haven't played Pokémon Go since 2017, that's the reason I am only at level 19

Best (human) character in Pokémon? → In the anime I've always been a big fan of James (Team Rocket), I don't know why, haha, somehow I really liked him.

Favourite Pokémon makeup look? → so far I really like the results from Caterpie and Beedrill.

Have you seen/will you be seeing Detective Pikachu? If so, give us a one sentence review?

I am going to see it on Thursday and I am really excited. I got really hyped when I saw the trailer for the first time. I actually don't really care about the storyline, I just want to see all my beloved Pokémon living in the „real“ world.

You can follow Julia on her Pokemon adventure @pokeeyes , and keep up with her cosplay and lifestyle and cosplay posts on the account @julexju .

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