Esports Reaches new Heights: Gotaga vs Kameto atop the Eiffel Tower

I don't know if it's because the sun has started shining or because of my new-found love for the Switch, but getting out and about and gaming with a view has really been my idea of a good time recently.

I've been taking my little Gameboy Advance SP out in my handbag and cracking it out at any given opportunity, whilst soaking up the rare British sun. But, someone's always got to go one better...

Last week, Esports reached new heights when Gotaga took on Kamet0 atop the Eiffel Tower, of all places. Born from friendly banter during live stream sessions between French superstar Gotaga and another extremely popular French gamer, Kamet0, this event was created to help them settle which of the two is the best FIFA player.

Often referred as “The French Monster”, Gotaga recently won the #Esports64 ESPN bracket, recognizing him as the most popular Esports personality of the year. He will lead the “Les Mane” team while Kamet0 will lead the Kamet0 team. Each team competing will be composed of 11 players, all famous figures of the French gaming scene, such as Prime, Zack Nani, CODJordan, Broken, and more.

“Seeing where gaming and esports have gone is truly incredible. More than a decade ago, when my gaming career started, esports events were held in classrooms,” Corentin “Gotaga” Houssein said. “Fast forward to 2019 and having the opportunity to play on the Eiffel Tower is simply surreal and also very humbling. I couldn’t be happier to partner with SCUF for this event, which has been my controller partner for now over 5 years.”

It's great to see esports in such a high-profile setting- I can only see it becoming more and more popular over the next five years or so.

You can watch the tournament here.

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