I Love Games, but I'm not a 'Gamer'

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

I like games, but I’m not a ‘gamer’.

But if you are, that’s cool too- we’re not in the business of exclusion here.

Most gaming industry publications tend to be led by latest releases and technical aspects of games. We wanted to do things a little bit differently…

The raison d'être of Gaming By Proxy was to create a publication where no aspect of games appreciation was off limits, and acknowledge that you don’t necessarily need to play games to appreciate them, study them, or have an opinion on certain aspects of them. We wanted to create a publication that focussed not just on games as playable entertainment, but as texts in their own rights.

Video games have been gaining innumerable traction over the last decade or so, and are becoming increasingly ubiquitous. With more people interested in games than ever before, platforms like Twitch and Youtube have created a league of people who love watching games being played, more than actually playing them. A rise in popularity means video games have become a marketable commodity. Gaming By Proxy aims to be a safe-haven from endless star-ratings, and facilitate a more organic forum for video game discussion for gamers and non-gamers alike.

Please see our ‘About Page’ to find out more about the inspiration for Gaming By Proxy, and then why not join the discussion by submitting your own article; for more details visit the ‘Write For Us’ page.

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