Stoke Your Love for Text-based Adventures with 'A Dark Room' on Switch

Yes! Great news, an adaptation of one of my favourite games A Dark Room is coming to Switch next week, Friday 12th April.

The original game was created for browser by software consultant Michael Townsend, in 2013,. Impressively, considering it's success, it was the first game-project he had ever completed, and did so in only a month.

Inspired by Candy Box, another famous browser game, A Dark Room starts off bare, and introduces more story elements, choices and resources to manage throughout, becoming more challenging and comprehensive as it goes. I played Candy Box after A Dark Room, trying to find something to find my newly-found quench for text based adventures- in terms of mechanics they are similar, but A Dark Room takes the cake for story-telling.

The game was then developed for smart devices for Amrir Rajan, going on to become a top-seller. Now, CIRCLE Entertainment are working with Amir Rajan to release a version for the Switch that adapts the game’s unique style to best suit Nintendo’s device, that he “ painstakingly painted with 1s and 0s.”

Adapted especially for the Nintendo Switch, you can play with physical controls or the touch screen; exclusive to this version of the game is an enhanced user interface, new audio, additional commentaries and local co-op play. Hopefully, there will be enough new additions and small tweaks to keep players of the previous versions interested.

The press release describes the games aesthetic as 'clean'- I think it would be better described as 'basic'. This is by no means a criticism. The game relies in no part on fancy visual gimmicks, instead giving the player just enough they need to hold the imagination captive for hours on end.

It is a game that draws players in, allowing them to perceive the intriguing world in their own way. What starts as a dark room with limited interactive options evolves into a complex story and resource management challenge.

Have you played A Dark Room? Will you be getting it on Switch?

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