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Is there even a gap in the market for this? Am I the only one who likes waxing lyrical about fictional worlds, game theories, news and lore, more than actually playing the games themselves?



Hopefully not…  Help Jess to not go stir crazy by submitting your piece, gamer or not, to:






Jess runs Gaming By Proxy as a passion-project in her spare time, so we are sorry to say that we can’t offer payment for articles at the moment. 


As a writer by trade, she’s not too proud to admit that the best articles are written by those who are knowledgeable and passionate about a subject, that's why we would love you to write for us.


So, if you have something you want to get off your chest about a game, the community or the industry, let us know! From fiction to your own hot-takes on prevalent (or not) issues- it could be something as seemingly insignificant and whimsical as reviewing every meal in FFXV, to writing a colourful description on your favourite in-game location, assert your theories or predictions, write a script doctor for a particularly interesting but poorly written game,  an essay on feminism in gaming- we want it all, nothing is off-limits!


By the way, we're not about game snobbery, if your favourite game is Rollercoaster Tycoon, then feel free to write about it! Jess' favourite game is The Urbz on Gameboy Advance (yes, really), so there's no judgement here.



We’re pretty green under the gills at the moment, so we don’t have a writing style guide; the idea is not to limit creativity. But, if that changes, we will keep you updated here.


 If there are any edits we would like you to make to your article, aside from minor spelling and grammar issues, we will email to let you know, not that we envisage this happening, just covering our butts, y'know? We're also more than happy to provide feedback on writing, just let us know in the email if that's the case. 


Happy Writing!